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News 4

The Green Blue is an exciting environmental awareness initiative by the British Marine Federation and the Royal Yachting Association. The Green Blue is for everyone who enjoys getting out on the water, or whose livelihood depends on boats and watersports. By working working towards an environmentally sustainable boating community, we can save money, avoid red tape and safe guard the waters and habitats we enjoy for the future. We will therefore, where possible, use environmentally friendly cleaning products, and promote "The Green Blue" where ever possible. We would like to thank you, the Project Manager, who will be donating leaflets and samples for us to distribute to our customers.

The Green Blue currently have three full time vacancies available which you can view on our "Crew Vacancies" page. After a very windy end to February, March has started with the standard English rain :( But it's not all dreary here at Yacht Deliveries, as yacht deliveries are up on last year! So well done to all you skippers and crew that worked for us last year. This year sees some changes at Yacht Deliveries; Mandy has left due to other business commitments, hence we have employed Cheryinel. And, because we are now well established, we have decided to push for an even better service for customers by only using skippers that have either worked for us before or who have completed an introductory sail with Yacht Deliveries. .

One skipper who has made a big impression on our customers, is Nick. Nick only did a couple of deliveries (both were onboard tuition) for us, but both customers wrote back to thank us for supplying Nick. He promotes exactly what Yacht Deliveries is all about. His sailing and tuition skills were much appreciated along with his exceptional management skills. I'm sure his clean cut appearance and cheeky grin helped! So all you budding young skippers take note! Nick is exactly the type of skipper the customers want, and therefore the type we want and strive to find more of. Nick has given us his commitment for this year, which is great news for us, and better news for you customers!

Hmm, Valentines Day!! The early morning revealed a very pretty Swale marina at the top of Conyer creek. Once showered (the facilities are extremely clean and warm) and fed early Thursday morning, sent me off to catch a taxi to the nearest super market to victual the boat with ready made meals and naughty snacks, while he started the onboard preparations. When I returned I was barraged with ridicule (abuse would be a better word to describe it!) as the ready made meals I was so proud of, were actually microwave meals!Any how, the boat was now ready to go and all the pre-voyage checks had been completed. 1st Mate had also arrived having passed his YM in January, along with partneralso a YM. was keen to squeeze this trip in for the experience, before leaving the following week to Australia to take his dingy instructor course whilst travelling with Louis before both returning to start a flotilla skipper/hostess job in Greece in April. Swale marina is a drying marina and because Jaywalker had not been out for a while, the mud had built up around her. The problem was made more urgent due to neaps being only 3 days away. Skipper had decided that because of these problems we should leave that night on the 1738 high tide. Swale marina were extremely helpful and offered to launch the 120hp rib to help us out the berth and to escort us out of the creek as it was only just deep enough for us but it was also unlit and the channel is marked with withies! So at 1650 the rib pulled up with engineer Guy at the helm, we attached a tow to the bow, had a cup of tea and set to work trying to push our way through the mud at 1715. It took 4-5 attempts but we did it.

Guy then led us out of the creek giving us the occasional tow when we got stuck on the way out. Once out in the lit channel Guy escorted us a little longer before returning. He needn’t have come out so far, far beyond what we had hoped for. Nice one Guy much appreciated! Now we were out of the Swale we were directly into the easterly wind, and it was cold!! I don’t think I have ever been this cold! Mervyn kept asking if we all felt good or if we were warm enough, there was no way I was going to admit to feeling both sea sick and cold. The watch system had started at 2000hrs, and being a complete novice I was to be on the skippers watch while Andy was to be on his own. The idea was 3hrs on 3hrs off. At 2030 I was feeding the fish!! By 2100 Merv had sent me below to my bunk with a bucket. Oh, you just can’t get rid of the boat motion; it’s horrible as you don’t feel better even after you’ve been ill! And I wasn’t going to receive any sympathy from the salty sea dog of a skipper, as he hasn’t had sea sickness in his life!!

I wasn’t back up on deck (with bucket) until 1130 the next day when Mervyn had decided that a short stop at Brighton would give me a chance to hold down some sea sickness tablets, and the yacht can be refuelled. So off to Asda I went and the lads made a bee line for McDonalds! 5 hrs later and we were off again, feeling anxious but not ill. I didn’t miss a watch for the rest of the trip, and I have to admit that apart from being constantly cold, it was the best adventure I’ve ever had!

Saturday 16th February

The sun rise was particularly awesome, it gave me the boost that I needed, it almost felt like life had started all over again. I no longer had that horrible feeling where all I wanted was land! I was now enjoying every motion of the boat as it surfed down the 3 metre waves. The bucket had gone and I started eating again, then couldn't stop eating! I had definitely got my sea legs now! Today was a little warmer, or perhaps I was becoming comfortably numb! It was a beautiful day, very clear with coast line to match. We had porpoises leading us all the way from Plymouth to Falmouth entrance.

Sunday 17th February

We arrived at Mylor marina near Falmouth at 0415 Sunday 17th February. Again, another really helpful marina. We had no onboard heater and queried if they might have one we could borrow, with out hesitation a fan heater was brought down to the boat by the security guard. Any thing we needed to know the marina staff couldn’t help enough. With the boat moored safely and the heater on, my sleeping bag was more inviting than it had ever been!!

Once up the day was spent cleaning Jaywalker, showering, and later eating at the harbour side restaurant “Castaways”. After which we caught a taxi to Flushing where we enjoyed the warm and friendly atmosphere of the “Seven Farthings” followed by a taxi home with a curry and back to Jaywalker for a final night before catching an early train home to W-S-M Monday morning.

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