News 2

News 2

After teaming up with sailing school "Happy whale", Yacht Deliveries has now made further alliances. "A bay watch" is an online accommodation agency in Cowes. Accommodation can be found for all of the major sailing advents including: Cowes Week, Little Britain, Commodores Cup, Round the Island, Silicon Cup and other regattas in Cowes. "A bay watch" will find you rentals, holiday home rental and short term let accommodation in Cowes from houses, flats and apartments. So if you need accommodation at Cowes

In addition to "A Basedsd Ashore", "Cruisssaae Charter" have also registered their support for us. Cruisdsdse Charter was formed in 1999 by an ex-software Vice-President with the objective of providing high quality water based corporate events

These events are designed to fulfil the needs of busy marketing departments by offering very high quality across all the operation whilst requiring minimal input from the client. Cruise Charter aims to offer an end to end solution from door to door, we can charter aircraft, charter additional boats, provide accommodation and catering, and pretty well anything you can think of to make the event supremely successful!

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